Camrose Composite High School: Senior Opportunity class - Four extra words: Biking, happy, train show, swimming

We made one visit to the senior opportunity class at Camrose Composite High School as a celebration of Literary Arts, part of Alberta Art Day celebrations. The senior opportunity class are studying and reading Robert Munsch stories so it was a good match. They gave us four words so we came up with a story epilogue.

Story Epilogue: One month later

Henry had been in grade four for one month and Mr. Tiger was now called “MR T” by all the kids in his classroom. Learning was fun with Mr. T. As Henry rode his bike home he thought how weird it was that Ricky was a friend and she had not pulled any pranks on anyone – at least so far. Plus every day she went into Mrs. Shaw’s grade one class and read to the little grade oners. Henry thought that was pretty cool. Henry was happy to be in “Mr. T’s” class and also happy to have Ricky as a classmate.

Henry liked biking and while Henry rode he heard a train whistle blow and that reminded him that Tommy and he were going to the model train show at the train station on Saturday. Henry wanted to see if the new CN version of the model GP-40 engine was there. He needed a new engine for his model train and maybe if he started asking now he would find it under the tree at Christmas time.

When Henry turned his bike on to Oak Street, and could see his house, he heard a voice calling his name - it was Shawn and he was really excited. “Hey Henry, Are you going to swimming class today? Henry groaned as he had totally forgotten about swimming lessons. This was an activity Henry did not enjoy very much – he would have to put his head under water, and the last time he tried to dive into the pool he almost lost his swimming trunks!

With a sigh, Henry turned his bike around and rode with Shawn to the swimming pool. Oh well, it was only one hour and what could possibly happen in one hour this week.

The End