Chapter 1 - Words from Saint Patrick School in Camrose - Excited, It, Tiger, High

The school buzzer sounded and Henry was very excited to return to school for the first day of Grade 4. He felt sure he would have a really nice teacher this year. At least, he felt sure until right now. Here he stood, in front of the class lists tacked high on the bulletin board, looking for his name. As he looked down the lists, he saw his name under the new teacher, “Mr. Tiger.” That name made him wonder if Grade 4 was going to be a good idea after all. It sent a shiver down his spine. What kind of a person is named, “Mr. Tiger?” Was he going to be all hairy? Did he have sharp nails? And what did he eat for lunch? Henry was full of questions.


Chapter 2 - Aurora School, Drayton Valley - Words Marvellous, Eye, Ran, See

Henry continued to wonder about the new school year. He felt a strange mix of nervousness and curiosity as he came to the door of his classroom and stepped inside. Quietly, Henry found his desk and waved at Tommy. He noticed how quiet everyone was in the room. All the students were watching the back of their new teacher as he wrote his name on the whiteboard. “My name is Mr. T-i-g-e-r,” he said as he spelled his name in big orange letters.

As the teacher turned around, Henry could see this was going to be an interesting year. Mr. Tiger had a glass eye and it didn’t always follow his other eye. The other eerie thing was that Mr. Tiger had a big smile that started at one ear and ran right across his face to the other ear.

Just then, the classroom door slammed open and in walked Ricky. The class groaned and Henry immediately checked to make sure his lunch bag was safe. Things has a way of disappearing when Ricky appeared. Perhaps this was not going to be a marvellous year after all. Ricky meant trouble.


Chapter 3 - Fox Creek Children's Indoor Playground Society - Words - Star, Butterfly, Hunting, Truck

As soon as the school’s morning announcements were finished, Mr. Tiger began to speak. He didn’t sound loud like a tiger, but more like a normal person. Mr. Tiger bent down, picked up a box from under his desk and placed it on the table for all the students to see. On the front of the box, written in big red letters was, “Mystery Box.” Instantly, Mr. Tiger had their attention. The students leaned forward to watch him lifting the lid and hunting inside the box. He found and removed two items: as star, and a picture of a butterfly.

The star was shaped like a sheriff’s badge. Mr. Tiger said each week one student would wear the badge and be his classroom deputy. Henry wondered what that would be like and what the classroom deputy would do.

Next Mr. Tiger spoke about the butterfly picture. He explained that the butterfly had once been a caterpillar and that it had changed to be a butterfly.” Just like the butterfly,” he said, “you will all change this year.” Mr. Tiger taped the picture above the door to remind the students that change is normal.

Suddenly there was a loud ZOOOOMMM! VAROOOMMMMM! sound outside as the largest truck Henry had ever seen went by their classroom window.


Chapter 4 École Providence School - McLennan - Words - Marvelous, Spectacular, Awesome, Cool

Henry and his classmates all leapt from their desks and pressed their faces to the cool glass of the window. Eagerly, they watched as the truck stopped in front of the school. Two men got out of the truck, spoke to each other excitedly, waving their arms in the air and pointing at the school. Then one of the men checked to see that the doors at the back of the truck were securely locked before they walked away.

Now Mr. Tiger called the classroom back to order. "You'll all know soon enough about the marvellous secret inside the truck. But now you will please be seated and take out your Language Arts folders." And with that , the children had to return to their desks. Henry would have continued to wonder what was in the truck but Mr. Tiger did something that shocked the whole class. He sneezed! Not an ordinary sneeze, but a sneeze so enormous, his glass eye popped right out and rolled across the floor! "Awesome! " cheered Henry. "Spectacular!" chimed in Tommy. Giggles and gasps were heard throughout the classroom as Mr. Tiger followed, then picked up his glass eye from between the rows of desks. When he straightened up again, he surprised everyone even more by saying "This is what you will write about today." He held up his glass eye for everyone to see.


Chapter 5 - C.J. Schurter School, Slave Lake - Words - Pizza, Frog, Care, Fantastic

The room was abuzz with excitement. Some students wanted to see and touch the glass eye. Others squirmed at the thought. What a fantastic writing assignment, though Henry. His head was bursting with ideas. The students soon settled down, taking great care in creating their stories about the runaway eye.

It seemed no time before the recess bell rang. The students bolted from their desks and clamored to be first outside to investigate the enormous truck. Students began trying to guess the contents of the truck.

"I think it's pizza!" shouted someone.

"No, it's a swimming pool," proposed another.

"No way," countered Ricky, coming around the far side of the truck. She had been looking all around it for a way to peek in. "It stinks. I bet it's full of frogs. Big warty frogs!"

"Eeeewwww! Gross!" cried the girls.

"Yeah frogs!" cheered the boys.

The guessing was interrupted by the shrill sound of the school bell calling them back to class.