Chapter 7 - Ministik School (Words driver, helmet, teeth, scary, quickly & Pooh Bear)

Ricki put on the deputy’s badge and tried to look happy all morning. At recess everyone was still watching her! All the students wanted Ricki to see the good things they were doing so she would reward them so they followed her ALL THE TIME – ugh - she had no time to pull any pranks on anyone, including Henry.

At the end of recess while walking back into the school she saw a toy Pooh Bear laying on the ground and quickly decided to give it a swift kick! As she wound up to kick the bear she noticed a little grade oner was watching her and Ricki stopped in mid kick. Instead of kicking the bear she decided to pick up the bear, dust it off, and though smiling thru her gritted teeth she gave it back to the grade oner.

What happened next surprised Ricki because the little student gave Ricki a hug and softly said, “thank you for helping me” This made Ricki feel different inside because no one had ever said that to her before!

When the buzzer sounded to end the school day the grade four children filed out of the school and saw the BIG truck was still parked in front of the school and waiting for something or somebody - and the driver looked nervous.

As Henry put on his bicycle helmet to ride home he saw Mr. Tiger walk out of the school and look at the truck driver. Henry, Tommy and several other students rode their bikes over to where Mr. Tiger stood to ask him about the truck. Just then Mr. Tiger waved at tall the students from his classroom to walk with him to the truck.

Suddenly another loud scary noise came from the trailer behind the truck – it sounded like “thunder in a box”! Everyone except Mr. Tiger took one giant step backward towards the school and they were ready to run…

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