Chapter 8 - Sparling School - Camrose (Words stupendous, saddlesore, weekend, excitement)

Mr. Tiger called the students back, told them it was safe and then as the students walked closer to the truck, Mr. Tiger called the truck driver by name and introduced him to the class, “Grade four, meet Mr Stu Pendus, he works up at my parents ranch up near the top of Hungry Hill.”

Mr. Tiger continued to tell the students what was in the trailer as he said, “In the trailer behind the truck is a new horse my dad just bought and he wants me to train it to be a riding horse.”

Stu opened the side of the trailer so the students can see the horse better. Stu said the horse’s name is Defy because it defied anyone to ride him. The horse was black and white and Henry saw in the horse’s fiery eye that it was named correctly and Henry wondered if anyone would be able to ride that horse.

Mr. Tiger said, “This weekend I’m going to have a lot of fun at the ranch trying to teach Defy to become a riding horse so I may be a little saddlesore on Monday morning, and I’ll have some new stories to tell.

The students gathered around just before they left for home, Mr Tiger had one more surprise when he said, “If this is a good year at school I plan to take the whole class riding at the ranch in the spring time.” “Anyone interested?”

Henry and Tommy yelled with the other kids as they showed their excitement for the possible spring ranch trip. As they were cheering Henry accidently bumped into someone and when he turned around he saw it was Ricki – but instead of being mad Ricki smiled and was, well - normal - you know – OK with it.

Maybe grade four was not going to be so bad after all!

The end.....

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