Chapter 3 - Fox Creek Children's Indoor Playground Society - Words - Star, Butterfly, Hunting, Truck

As soon as the school’s morning announcements were finished, Mr. Tiger began to speak. He didn’t sound loud like a tiger, but more like a normal person. Mr. Tiger bent down, picked up a box from under his desk and placed it on the table for all the students to see. On the front of the box, written in big red letters was, “Mystery Box.” Instantly, Mr. Tiger had their attention. The students leaned forward to watch him lifting the lid and hunting inside the box. He found and removed two items: as star, and a picture of a butterfly.

The star was shaped like a sheriff’s badge. Mr. Tiger said each week one student would wear the badge and be his classroom deputy. Henry wondered what that would be like and what the classroom deputy would do.

Next Mr. Tiger spoke about the butterfly picture. He explained that the butterfly had once been a caterpillar and that it had changed to be a butterfly.” Just like the butterfly,” he said, “you will all change this year.” Mr. Tiger taped the picture above the door to remind the students that change is normal.

Suddenly there was a loud ZOOOOMMM! VAROOOMMMMM! sound outside as the largest truck Henry had ever seen went by their classroom window.

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