Chapter 2 - Aurora School, Drayton Valley - Words Marvellous, Eye, Ran, See

Henry continued to wonder about the new school year. He felt a strange mix of nervousness and curiosity as he came to the door of his classroom and stepped inside. Quietly, Henry found his desk and waved at Tommy. He noticed how quiet everyone was in the room. All the students were watching the back of their new teacher as he wrote his name on the whiteboard. “My name is Mr. T-i-g-e-r,” he said as he spelled his name in big orange letters.

As the teacher turned around, Henry could see this was going to be an interesting year. Mr. Tiger had a glass eye and it didn’t always follow his other eye. The other eerie thing was that Mr. Tiger had a big smile that started at one ear and ran right across his face to the other ear.

Just then, the classroom door slammed open and in walked Ricky. The class groaned and Henry immediately checked to make sure his lunch bag was safe. Things has a way of disappearing when Ricky appeared. Perhaps this was not going to be a marvellous year after all. Ricky meant trouble.

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