Chapter 5 - C.J. Schurter School, Slave Lake - Words - Pizza, Frog, Care, Fantastic

The room was abuzz with excitement. Some students wanted to see and touch the glass eye. Others squirmed at the thought. What a fantastic writing assignment, though Henry. His head was bursting with ideas. The students soon settled down, taking great care in creating their stories about the runaway eye.

It seemed no time before the recess bell rang. The students bolted from their desks and clamored to be first outside to investigate the enormous truck. Students began trying to guess the contents of the truck.

"I think it's pizza!" shouted someone.

"No, it's a swimming pool," proposed another.

"No way," countered Ricky, coming around the far side of the truck. She had been looking all around it for a way to peek in. "It stinks. I bet it's full of frogs. Big warty frogs!"

"Eeeewwww! Gross!" cried the girls.

"Yeah frogs!" cheered the boys.

The guessing was interrupted by the shrill sound of the school bell calling them back to class.

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