Chapter 4 École Providence School - McLennan - Words - Marvelous, Spectacular, Awesome, Cool

Henry and his classmates all leapt from their desks and pressed their faces to the cool glass of the window. Eagerly, they watched as the truck stopped in front of the school. Two men got out of the truck, spoke to each other excitedly, waving their arms in the air and pointing at the school. Then one of the men checked to see that the doors at the back of the truck were securely locked before they walked away.

Now Mr. Tiger called the classroom back to order. "You'll all know soon enough about the marvellous secret inside the truck. But now you will please be seated and take out your Language Arts folders." And with that , the children had to return to their desks. Henry would have continued to wonder what was in the truck but Mr. Tiger did something that shocked the whole class. He sneezed! Not an ordinary sneeze, but a sneeze so enormous, his glass eye popped right out and rolled across the floor! "Awesome! " cheered Henry. "Spectacular!" chimed in Tommy. Giggles and gasps were heard throughout the classroom as Mr. Tiger followed, then picked up his glass eye from between the rows of desks. When he straightened up again, he surprised everyone even more by saying "This is what you will write about today." He held up his glass eye for everyone to see.

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